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Travel to China

I just came back from a trip to China. All I can tell it was such a great experience and opportunity to explore different cities. Have to admit, China wasn't my first or second choice of Asia to travel during this spring. I was planning to visit another Asia country, unfortunately most accommodations have been already booked during Spring high season. So I ended up doing many researchs in last minute, saw some good deal and finally decided to book it.

Travel to Hoi An

A couple years ago, I visited Hoi An. My experience in this old town was pretty cool, I really loved it, the beach was nice and clean. But my time was pretty short, I only spend three days before moving to Nha Trang. We had some free time to walk and to explore a bit the city during day and night in this small town.

If I can compare to others cities such as Ha Noi or Saigon (aka Ho Chi Minh), Hoi An is quiet town, less crownded and stressful traffic. It seems the air is fresher too and I can tell local people seem to enjoy more their daily life.

This is Dong Duong hotel that we stayed during our visit, about 5 min near the beach by walk. This hotel has the influence of old school French architecture. I had my own room in third floor with large balcony and I can tell you the view was nice.

Most of these pictures I took, have never been shared because I simply prefer print them out in standard format and put them in my album instead.. :)

Some early morning shots, it's pretty nice view. I enjoy it!

Visited the old town, very influenced from Chinese architecture indeed.

While walking and explore this town, I had a chance to capture some local daily life of Hoi An people and market...

We had some quality time on beach, were browsing, looking for restaurant near by and selected 1 kg of fresh prawns. They prepared satay Vietnamese dish style. Too bad, I didn't take pictures of that dish, we was all starving during that day, couldn't resist it. They cooked right there before served us.

For myself, I was amazed by beach view, always had my camera on hands to document this moment and to spot something interesting to shoot. It was such beautiful and hot day, during this period beach was pretty quiet and cleaner than Nha Trang.

Overall, I really enjoyed my experience. See you next time Hoi An!

Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning

Model: Tia
MUA: Amanda P.

Dark & Moody

I wanted to shoot an editorial with something dark, moody and beautiful inside of this house. A story of this girl.

Model: Marlene
MUA: Amanda P.

Life In Montreal

During my breaks of December and January, I decided to document daily life of streets of Montreal. It's a way to keep me shooting, practising my crafts during this cold winter time of year. But also it prepared me for an incoming exciting and challenging travel photography project to see things and to capture moment that tells a story behind. For sure, it's totally different world and direction of shooting portrait in studio with a team which I always had total of control with lights.

The more I shoot, the more I enjoy every moment of it, just love to document the reality and life in general. I like to capture the unexpected. Then, I became addicted to social documentary and the idea of getting close to my subject just came so natural and push me more my curiosity to see things.