Welcome to my new blog

Hello everyone,

Finally, I got my domain back and had some time to finish customizing this new blog which I'm very excited to share with you. I wanted to blog before but didn't really have time and patient to write things down. Also, I was really busy working on another project that I have build and created since two years. Now, everything runs pretty good as I manage, so I have time to concentrate on my photography side. As you know sometime, everyone of us need a break to think outside of the box, to explore new opportunities and to do some others things as we judge is our priority. That was my case.

Well needless to say, it's now December, I'm blogging and will share most of my works that I developed and also a few years ago which I didn't really share from weddings, portraits and personal works. I will try to post slowly but as often as I can.

Quang Dang